Trackers by Platform

TrackServer trackers

TrackServer trackers

TrackServer trackers use the Trackserver app and web-apps. May be deployed with or without external power.

Aibeile trackers

Aibeile trackers

Aibeile GPS trackers are from an alternate family of trackers using either: 1)  the Aibeile phone app, or the web-app; or 2) the Aibeile Plus phone app.

AibeilePlus trackers

AibeilePlus trackers

The AibeilePlus phone app allows multiple GPS trackers to show in a single account (login), and also allows a tracker to show in more than 1 account. Uses Aibeile Plus phone app.

Trackers by Platform

How our trackers work:  GPS trackers are usually attached in some way to something or someone to show its location currently and in the past. Trackers send out location reports at regular intervals when moving, and shut down or sleep when not moving. They continue reporting when movement is again detected. This is made possible through sets of satellites orbiting the Earth, which emit radio waves that allow a tracker to work out its latitude and longtitude. They cannot do this if they cannot receive these signals. There are many possible reasons for deploying trackers, mainly dealing with asset protection and personal safety, although they are also used by some in covert ways, which we cannot prevent. Many of the Aibeile trackers offer 2-voice telephony options, as well as many health & well-being features. TrackServer devices have superior GPS and battery life options. Customers need to establish priorities in what their needs are. The 2G seems likely to remain in use worldwide for many years to come, although Switzerland has turned it off. Few othercountries are following this change.

ConstellationGPS.gif(From Wikipedia)

Apps:  Trackers come access to a Phone App and a browser-based WebApp. This lets any number of people, who have been given access, to see where one or more trackers is. Logging in can require a tracker ID, a username and optionally a password as well, if assigned by a customer.  The reporting frequency is typically set at about 1-10 minutes.  Our ranges of trackers contain SIMs that work almost anywhere in the World. Recently one went from Mayo to Mongolia and back, with a continuous (History) reported trail, because our SIMs roam free in most coutries. The apps are simple to use, allowing non-technical folk to easily control them without the cost of or the need for a monitoring centre.  Our trackers /apps are fully legal / licensed to legally use Google maps. Our trackers are grouped by the apps they use - TrackServer or Aibeile trackers.

Alerts: Our trackers have the capability to send alerts if they detect
a) Motion - if it moves when "armed";
b) Over-speed - when/if it goes over a set speed;
c) Geofences - when/if it leaves or enters a particular place/zone/geofence defined by customer;
d) Panic - if its panic button (if any) is pressed;
e) Battery flat - if its battery drops below a user-set level - e.g. 20%.
The alerts may be by push messages within an app, by SMS or email, depending on tracker model.

Technical details:  GPS trackers contains a GPS module, a modem; an accelerometer to detect motion, and a rechargeable battery, akin to a mobile phone. They come in different package shapes and sizes. Size varies greatly, depending on battery size and whether it contains a magnet. When in the open or near a window/opening, they must receive the radio signals from orbitting satellites 20,200km above Earth, from which they calculate latitude and longtitude to 6 decimal places. The accuracy of the calculated location depends on:
1) the physical setting / surroundings;
2) the strength of the satelite signals;
3) the time since the previous location report.
Weak signals and long time intervals between reports give low accuracy. The first location report after a long time should usually be ignored. The next one will be more accurate. Trackers will not work if surrounded by metal, or deep inside buildings, reinforced concrete walls or floors, trees, etc. Position reports are sent via data packets across the mobile phone networks to a server and database


Model Gen mAht( App Web-App Voice Modes Charging Size LxWxH cm Health SoS
Pr-P22 2G 2600 TRCKSVR X 6 USB micro 7.5Lx4.25Wx2.7H X Y
Pr-ME 2G 450 TRCKSVR X 2 USB micro 4.3Lx4.3Wx1.6H X X
G7-67 3G 6700 TRCKSVR X 6 Magnetic 8.6Lx5.0Wx4.5H X X
A20S 2G 500 Aibeile Y 1 Magnetic 4.9Lx4.0Wx1.45H Y (Cardio) Y
FA27T 2G 500 Aibeile   Y 1 Magnetic 4.6Lx4.0Wx1.5H Y (Temp)) Y
A21 2G 1000 Aibeile Y 1 USB micro 5.0Lx3.8Wx1.6H X Y
FA29 4G 900 AibeilePlus   Y 1 Magnetic 5.6Lx4.2Wx1.8H Y Y
A107 2G 5000 Aibeile Y 1 USB micro 9.6Lx6.0Wx2.26H X X
S6 2G 10,000 Aibeile Y 1 USB micro 11.6Lx6.8Wx2.4H X X


Advantages of our trackers:

  • We enable tracking using any type of internet device;
  • We retain data for a long time - 1 year look-back history;
  • Our SMS Gateway is very fast - alerts are received typically in under 2mins;
  • We offer many alert options to suit all needs;
  • We offer up to 3 geo-fences/zones simultaneously;
  • Our trackers work straight out of their boxes - they already have a world-SIM;
  • We offer multiple (up to 6) operating modes to prolong battery life.

Antennas: Each tracker has two antennas, one for communication (GPRS/GSM) and one for satellite signal reception (GPS). These are located on the front face (side with LEDs) of the tracker or on the side opposite any magnets. This MUST face the outside world. The App/WebApp displays the times of the last location report time/date and the Last Communication (GPRS) time/date.

Battery duration:  Our trackers contain Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries which have built-in under- and over-voltage protection, short circuit and high temperature cut-out for safety. If a tracker has been allowed to be flat for a very long time, it may take many hours / days to recharge.
Battery life depends on:

  1. Internal battery size (mAh - milliAmp-hours);
  2. The chosen location reporting time interval;
  3. How often it sends alerts;
  4. The fraction of time that the tracker is in motion;
  5. The quality of the satellite radio signal. Poor reception makes the tracker wit

Figures below represent typical/normal usage conditions under open sky, typically reporting up to 200 times per day. Reporting more than 400 times per day is deemed excessive. If a tracker has to work at high gain/amplification due to a weak satellite signal strength, it will deplete quickly. Lithium polymer batteries have a finite lifespan of ~3 yrs typically, and batteries may need replacement thereafter.


Warranty period:  Technically 12 months from purchase, but we seldom quibble over any defects.

Product Flyer:  GPS2Find_Trackers.pdf

Use or lose it:  If a tracker is not in subscription, and hasn't reported for 6 months, we may cancel it to stop paying the monthly charges that it incurs. We will attempt to contact customers. Keep your tracker charged and in regular use. Please read our Terms of service.


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The FMB204 is a (EU-made) Teltonika FMB204 GPS tracker with a pre-installed SIM.

129.00 *
Delivery weight: 120 g

In stock

The Teltonika GH5200 ID Worker Badge is a GPS tracker designed for isolated, remote or unsupervised/LONE employees, and comes ready-to-go with a pre-installed SIM.

Old price 135.00 €
129.00 *
Delivery weight: 195 g

In stock

The TMT250 is a Teltonika TMT250 GPS tracker with pre-installed SIM for Personal use.

119.00 *
Delivery weight: 77 g

In stock

The Prime Pr-P22 is an ultra low power tracker ideal for lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications.

Old price 178.00 €
175.00 *
Delivery weight: 180 g

In stock

The Prime Pr-P22C is an ultra low power tracker with a magnetic Clamshell Case, ideal for vehicle or asset tracking applications.

194.00 *
Delivery weight: 274 g

In stock

The G7-200 is an advanced GPS tracker in a waterproof magnetic housing containing a 20Ah 12-15 wks battery life, wireless charging and a 2G modem.

315.00 *
Delivery weight: 880 g

In stock

The FMB001 is a Teltonika (EU) GPS tracker with a pre-installed SIM intended for insertion into OBD-II port.

113.00 *
Delivery weight: 120 g

In stock

The FMP100 is a Teltonika (EU) GPS tracker with a pre-installed SIM intended for insertion into a cigarette lighter socket.

108.00 *
Delivery weight: 105 g

In stock

The FMB920 is an EU-made Teltonika FMB920 GPS tracker with a pre-installed SIM.

109.00 *
Delivery weight: 214 g

In stock

The A20S ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / tracker, with emergency call and many useful health, cardio and welfare functions.

109.00 *
Delivery weight: 240 g

In stock

The FA27T is a ready-to-wear Smart GPS watch / tracker with many health and welfare functions, including body temperature measurement. (Aibeile Plus interface) 500mAh Battery 2-3d life.

105.00 *
Delivery weight: 205 g

In stock

The A21 is a ready-to-use 1000 mAh / 2-3day GPS tracker / pendant that can fit into tight spaces or inside clothing.

97.00 *
Delivery weight: 38 g

In stock

The FA29 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker / pendant with the option of emergency call / voice capabilities. (Aibeile Plus interface)

107.00 *
Delivery weight: 38 g

In stock

The A107 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker that is slim with a 5Ah 2 month life used in 10minute reporting mode.

Old price 120.00 €
110.00 *
Delivery weight: 245 g

In stock

The S6 ia a ready-to-use 10Ah GPS tracker that is slim and has a 3 month battery life.

Old price 125.00 €
118.00 *
Delivery weight: 350 g

In stock

The SubPersonal 12 month subscription with location reporting (from 60sec reporting interval), 50 SMS alert credits and up to 10mins/month emergency call allowance.

119.00 *
1 month(s) = 9.92 €

In stock


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