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The FMP100 is a Teltonika (EU) GPS tracker with a pre-installed SIM intended for insertion into a cigarette lighter socket. It uses the Trackserver phone app, and web-app.
It comes ready to use when plugged in. It has a 25mm square internal ceramic GPS antenna and an auxiliary
USB-A port. It does not need a wiring kit.
It has onboard memory for data collection (Flash 128MB for 422,400 records) and upload following GPRS network disconnection/re-connection.
Its compact size allows it to be placed or hidden almost anywhere. It needs connection to always-on power ideally located in a place with strong satellite signal reception to prevent high power consumption.

It has a very small internal Li ion battery, 170mAh which covers short term (2-3hrs) power disconnection.
The printed face (front) of the tracker covers the 2 antennae, and so must be orientated towards the sky / road /interior for satellite radio signal reception.

The Teltonika FMP100 has two available modes of operation - Normal operation (28mA) and Deep online Sleep (7mA) modes. It is an exceptionally flexible tracker with many alerting options available through based on configurable scenarios, including motion via its internal accelerometer and its Bluetooth 4.0 communication interface.

Crash Detection  Panic Button

General characteristics
Weight:  63 and 120 including packaging. Does not come with a charger.
Dimensions:  Length=67mm (including cable gland); Width=50mm; Thickness=25mm.

Battery:  Lithium polymer (LiPo) 170mAh 3.7V has a battery liife of about 3 hrs autonomous power.
Charging voltage: 6 - 30Vdc with over-voltage protection
Antennas and Status/Navigate LEDs are on printed side, which needs be installed facing the outside world, to favour satellite signal reception.

Quad-band operation 900/1800MHz (Most of world) 850/1900MHz (Americas)
Integrated GNSS receiver - Cold start: 35s (unobstructed sky), Warm start: 25s, Hot start: 1s (already on)

GPRS class 12, and up to -162dBm GNSS receiver sensitivity and jamming detection
Over-voltage protection with 34V turn off
Built-in GNSS and GSM antennas, Bluetooth 3.0 and movement sensor

2 LEDS indicating Navigate and Modem status.
Tracking: 33/99 acquisition channels. -165dBm sensitivity,  NMEA-183 protocol
Accuracy(hot): <3m
On-board data cache for when GSM/GPRS connection is lost.

+ve Power supply - Red
-ve/Gnd Ground - Black

Built in accelerometer
Internal backup battery
Power supply: +6 to 30 VDC with overvoltage protection
Internal High Gain GNSS antenna
Internal High Gain GSM antenna


Remote access from TrackServer interfaces allows users to:

  • set the frequency for position reporting;
  • define a Geo-Fence zone(s) and turn them On/Off; 
  • turn On/Off (Arm/Disarm) the Motion detecion function
  • send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change settings;
  • to set contact details of the alert recipients.
  • view battery level.

The large screen user interface - use the TrackServer web-app.  For small screens use TrackServer phone app, or use the small screen Web-app.

Certifications: CE_Mark69x50.jpg WEEE_2.svg35x50.jpg

CE; Anatel; EAC; E25

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