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The A20S ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / GPS tracker with multiple health and welfare functions. It has the capability to announce the time, to send SOS messages, to send geofence / safety zone messages, to remind the person wearing it to take pills or even to take some excerciseIt can also measure heart pulse rate and count excercise steps. However, its phone functionality is only available with a different SIM type and a higher cost subscription. The default is with voice / phone functions disabled.

It uses a quite different app and web app (Chinese) compared to our other trackers.

The App (for small screen devices) is called:    Aibeile -  which is downloadable from the Apple or Play stores

The Web App (for large screen devices) is:      www.aibeile26.com - click link:>  aibeile26.com.

To use it:

  • Select the UK flag / English language.
  • Click on either the Account tab (multiple watches) or the ID No. tab. Entering your Account name, or the ID number from the label on its Watch box;
  • Enter the Password specified on your GPS2Find invoice. The default Password is:  123456.
  • Slect the "Monitor" tab.


Attached is a PDF document to explain its operation. It comes with a magnetic coupling charging cable and charger and a SIM already installed and 50 SMS credits.

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Product Note Status Price
Positions - 12 months Positions - 12 months
120.00 € *
1 month(s) = 10.00 €
100 SMS credits 100 SMS credits
13.00 € / pack(s) *

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