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Our GPS trackers show where anything attach to it is, or was when it last reported, and up to 12 months before then.


Car theft:  Cars are still prone to theft, and need the use of technology to recover if stolen. Knowing its location is obviously necessary for its recovery. The time to install a GPS tracker is definitely before it's taken.



Alert options can alert a vehicle owner even before a theft occurs:

  1. Motion sensitivity: By arming the "Arm" button the tracker becomes motion-sensitive. If moved, it will send an alert to the defined contacts. To turn this off, press the "Disarm" button. Motion sensitivity can be set and unset to occur at specific times using Auto-Arm. Sending Arm/Disarm Device and turning Zones on and off do not use SMS credits.
  2. Zone alert: By setting up a Geo-fence around a location, giving it a name, the tracker will send an alert if its next location report shows that it has crossed the zone boundary. Up to 3 uniquely named zones can be set.
  3. Eco mode: Eco mode, also known as stealth mode, powers down the tracker between location reports, to make the battery last much longer if "charging" ceases.

Power options:  The options to power a tracker in a vehicle are:

  1. Using its internal battery alone, and re-charging it manually when required, following alert notification that it is <20% power;
  2. Connecting to a USB battery pack to augment the internal battery capacity
  3. Connecting to an accessory/ cigarette lighter using a 12V to 5V (USB) power adaptor;
  4. Connecting to a vehicle's electrical system / alternator either through the splicing into a cable, a fusebox or an ignition switch using a hard-wire kit;

The choice of how the tracker is powered and its location depends on options available. Our Accessories range has a range of battery packs and enclosures to keep the tracker clean and dry, as well as adequately concealed. All automotive electrical connections should be made with approriate competence and caution to be safe and secure. 

GPS antenna:  Some Prime models has an external antenna port if the GPS antenna has to be remorely placed to get a signal.

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