AibeilePlus trackers

AibeilePlus trackers

The AibeilePlus phone app allows multiple GPS trackers to show in a single account (login), and a tracker to show in more than 1 account. Uses Aibeile Plus phone app.

Aibeile Plus trackers have many additional capabilities in addition to GPS tracking. Their GPS performance while very good, doesn't equal the TrackServer app's "intuitive feel". They represent excellent value and provide considerable functionality, including the option (subscription at purchase) of emergency telephone 2-way communitation, as well as health monitoring functions, depending on model:

When purchased, a customer can select a Subscription type, with or without telephony / voice enabled. The selected / installed SIM determines whether phone/voice functions are available. The default subscription / SIM is without voice functions.

The Aibeile Plus GPS Watch combines the functions of a normal wrist watch with a GPS tracker with many additional health and fitness functions.

They are ideal for people with a tendency to wander off and get into unsafe situations. Family members suffering with a cognitive impairment or vulnerability need other family members to know where they are, for their good.

The Health and Fitness functions may provide convenient "other reasons" for the watch to be used/worn, especially if the Wearer isn't fully co-operative. The other functions can help win the Wearer's acceptance of the it.

Password change: If customers change the password assigned prior to delivery, it will only be possible for us to provide Online Support if the new password is shared with us.

  Tracker Features
1. Location update schedule modes (1min/10min/60min)
2. Calling Contacts (phone book, SOS call numbers, two-way communication)
3. Historical track (3 months look-back)
4. Geo-fence (Safety zones)
5. Do Not Disturb (times of SOS only)
6. Ring Profile/ type (ring/vibrate)
7. Clock and Alarm
8. Watch Finder (sound buzzer)
9. Pedometer (Step, Excercise calculator)
10. Sleep monitoring
11. Medication reminders
12. Fall alert (alerts within app or to a number)
13. Reject incoming calls from strangers option
14. Body temperature measurement (FA27)
15. Administrator and users with access to tracker

GPS watches are bulkier than normal watches as the additional bulk comes from its battery, circuit board and the antennas. The battery has been sized/selected to give at least 2 days battery life. 

Below are links to Training / User PDF documents to download. These explain the operation, the use of the Aibeile Plus phone app.

Aibeile Plus phone App Guide - DOWNLOAD LINK

Links to Aibeile Plus phone app: AibeilePlusAppleSt_QRcode50   AibeilePlusPlayStore50

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The FA27T is a ready-to-wear Smart GPS watch / tracker with many health and welfare functions, including body temperature measurement. (Aibeile Plus phone app) 500mAh Battery 2-3d life.

105.00 *
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Delivery weight: 205 g


The FA29 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker / pendant with the option of emergency call / voice capabilities. (Aibeile Plus interface)

107.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 38 g

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