Pets / Animals


By fitting a GPS Prime 1 or 2 tracking device to an animal's collar, it is possible to view its last reported position or past/historical breadcrumb trails on a map, showing where it has been and distances covered.  It could also send alert messages if the animal enters of leaves particular locations.

Pouch: Prime 1 and 2 trackers come with a zipped pouch with a Hook/Loop strap that can attach to a collar or saddle. In the box, there are also a number of Zip-Lok polythene bags into which the Prime tracker can be sealed before being inserted into the pouch. This will make the tracker completely waterproof, even including submersion assuming the polythene bag is intact. This allows the tracker to continue to function even in rugged climatic and environmental conditions while remaining light-weight.  


Potential uses: There is an unlimited number of possible uses.  Here are a few:

1) By tracking the movements of a dog with the tracker attached to its collar, to establish whether or not the dog is worrying sheep, if so accused by a Farmer;
2) In competitions, to allow a race co-ordinator know the position and order of competitors, e.g. in a cross-country race;
3) To record the passage of a horse and rider around Map Checkpoints in remote locations, e.g. TREC events;
4) Horse eventing: Combined with 10 second position reporting, a tracker provides an accurate record of the place, and speed stats, of one or all competitors;
5) To know where your cat goes when it disappears and comes back fed!

The tracker is approximately the size and weight of a radio-fence detector, and so will not burden most animals.