By fitting a GPS tracking device to an animal's collar, you can monitor its location and past trails on a map, showing where it has been.  
There are options to be sent alert messages if it enters of leaves particular places.

Pouch:  Pet trackers come with a pouch that can attach to a collar or saddle. We can supply Zip-Lok polythene bags into which the tracker can be sealed before being inserted into a pouch.
This will make the tracker completely waterproof, even including submersion.
This allows the tracker to function even in challenging environmental conditions while remaining light-weight.  

Potential uses: There is an unlimited number of possible uses.  Here are a few:

1) By tracking the movements of a dog with the tracker attached to its collar, to establish whether or not the dog is worrying sheep, if so accused by a Farmer;
2) In competitions, the current position and placing of competing animals can be determined;
3) It can confirm the passage of a horse and rider around Map Checkpoints in remote locations;
4) Horse eventing: Combined with 10 second position reporting, a tracker provides an accurate record of speed & distance stats of competitors;
5) Discover where your cat goes and then comes back fed again!

The tracker is approximately the size and weight of a matchbox, and so will not be a burden to most animals.