Static asset

Static asset


Static Asset GPS trackersr equire large batteries for parked asset protection usually in situations without access to external power. Their capacity is rated in terms of mAh or Ah (AmpHours) or Wh (WattHours)
The battery capacity is distinct from battery life, which depends on many other factors, including how deployed, physical environment, orientation, frequency of location reporting and the operating mode selected. Most trackers offer more than one operating mode, specifically to extend the battery life by closing down microelectronic sub-systems when not required. The optional modes are listed for each model. The extending of battery life is invariably at the expense of real-time performance options, as the GPS module or the modem may be temporarily off, leading to a time delay in responding to commands.

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The A107 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker that is slim with a 5Ah 2 month life used in 10minute reporting mode.

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Delivery weight: 245 g


The S6 ia a ready-to-use 10Ah GPS tracker that is slim and has a 3 month battery life.

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Delivery weight: 350 g

GL3-26 Tracker

The GL3-26 (GL320MG) is an advanced GPS tracker with a 2600mAh 10-14day battery life and a Global LTE (4G) Cat M1/NB2 with 2G fallback modem.

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G7-200 Tracker

The G7-200 is an advanced GPS tracker in a waterproof magnetic housing containing a 20Ah 12-15 wks battery life, wireless charging and a 2G modem.

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Delivery weight: 880 g

Sub Static 12 months

The StaticSub_12m is a low cost subscription for a tracker deployed in/on an asset reporting up to 4 times per day, with 20 SMS alert credits. 

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1 month(s) = 6.17 €
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