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Sample of Plant Hire companies happy with our service:
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Kathleen, N. Dublin. (Dementia Care)

"This tracking device was absolutely invaluable when caring for my husband, who had been suffering with Alzheimers for almost ten years prior to getting it. Knowing he was wearing it gave me huge peace of mind, and has allowed him some extra dependence when wandering around the house and garden unsupervised. It really helped deal with some of the stress of caring for him, knowing that I could find him anywhere if he had wandered off suddenly and unexpectedly. Prior to getting the device he once got lost in a small rural town and the process of finding him proved one of the most stressful of our family's life. The tracking device changed all that instantly. Practically, it is very easy to use, I am a retired women who is not particularly computer literate and yet was instantly able to activate and maintain it. Attached to his belt, my husband never even notices it is on him. I recommend this device wholeheartedly to any carer in my position. It will change your life."

Bill, Cork City. (Dementia Care)

"Overall, the GPS Tracker has given the carer and relatives some peace of mind using the Geo Fence feature knowing that they would be notified if she were to leave that area.  This has allowed her to remain at home longer thant would be expected.  Being able to review the history, in a day for example, is of interest to see what her movement pattern is.  We have managed to secure the device in her handbag using cable-tie's which has worked for us.  The support has been excellent to help with our application."
Mobile Storage Services. (Asset Care)

"We purchased units for our whole fleet from Tom and it has proved to be a great benefit to the business. We now have full traceability on all our equipment and not only does it give our customers confidence when we leave our units on their property but we can also monitor the progress of our drivers as work is being completed. The GPS2Find units offer us great flexibility and Tom’s customer service and patience in training us on the use of the equipment was invaluable."  Robbie


Dee, Dublin 7. (Dementia Care) - Prime1 Rental

"Many thanks - was very useful. Delighted with the service and would certainly recommend you.  If I have my Father to stay again next Summer, I will be back to you.  Kind regards"   Dee.

Siobhan, Co. Dublin. (Dementia Care) - Prime1

"Thanks Tom - this was the first time that a false zone alert has ever happened and if Dad ever ended up in the sea I'd like to know (!) so we're agreed to leave the polygon zone as it is at present. As you can see he walks the same route daily and its a great security to my Mam to know where he is and that he's safe. We did enlarge it twice at the start when we were getting used to the zone area and since then we're happy with it so I'm happy to leave it for now and see. If it happens again we can revisit it. The tracker gives him such freedom and independence even though he now knows no-one, he still likes to walk and it is very safe here and everyone knows him and he now says Hello to everyone as he presumes he knows them and most people know he's got Dementia, so its ok. Thanks for being there for my Mam while I was away but I'm sure its fine now and I've been recommending you to everyone."
 and 2 years later:
"the GPS tracker is still doing a grand job for Dad. He's 5 years into his dementia and still walks around ******* every day twice even though he now only knows us and not enyone else. It's great peace of mind for my  Mam to know where he is."   Siobhan