Tracker BuyBack

If a customer no longer needs their Prime GPS Tracker, we give the option to buy it back if it's in good condition. Its age and condition will determine what we can give for it. This option is open to individuals primarily, but can be for companies also. We don't re-purchase unused subscription time remaining. Ideally we need to get back the charger, its USB cable, and if possible its original box.

We dismantle returned trackers for parts or new product development if they are not re-sellable, otherwise we test and sell them as low-cost Used-trackers (see link). Our preferred option is to refund by online to a Bank account number, for which we request but do not retain customer bank details - IBAN, BIC, Bank name & address and account name. Alternatively we can also refund by PayPal if given an appropriate email address registered with PayPal.

We are rather limited in what we can offer for returned trackers, particularly discontinued models, but what we offer is as follows. Typical buy-back price is about €25. We reserve the right to buy back or not buy-back, based on stock levels and tracker types.

Prime Tracker Buy-back with age:
Length of ownership % of Purchase price
1-6 months 40%
6-12 months 30%
Over 12 months 25%

We can also transfer ownership to someone else and set up a new subscription with someone else.