Personal Care

Personal Care


GPS trackers for protection and care of a PERSON, for any reason, to rescue/locate him/her if lost or injured. This includes the care of the vulnerable, such as Dementia sufferers, memory loss, Autism, etc.

It helps Family Members, Carers or Work Supervisors monitor the safety of People through knowing their location, detecting falls, exiting/returning to safety zones, etc.
Various tracker models have many other useful functions and alert options including Geo-fence and health-welfare reminders.
Our trackers do not capture or report biometric / personal data, thereby avoiding Data Protection issues.
Potentially saving life capabilities outweigh any (misplaced) ethical concerns that some people may initially have.

Different trackers provide differing options for alerts - panic button pressing, automatic fall detection and messaging, and two-way emergency communication/speech, etc.


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The Prime-ME is a small smooth slim tracker that's ideal for personal use or where space is limited, with a two day battery life.

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The A20S ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / tracker, with emergency call and many useful health, cardio and welfare functions.

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Delivery weight: 240 g


The FA27T is a ready-to-wear Smart GPS watch / tracker with many health and welfare functions, including body temperature measurement. (Aibeile Plus phone app) 500mAh Battery 2-3d life.

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The A21 is a ready-to-use 1000 mAh / 2-3day 2G GPS tracker / pendant that can fit into tight spaces or inside clothing.

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The FA29 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker / pendant with the option of emergency call / voice capabilities. (Aibeile Plus interface)

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TMT250 Tracker

The TMT250 is a Teltonika TMT250 GPS tracker with pre-installed SIM for Personal use.

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GH5200 Lone Worker Badge

The Teltonika GH5200 Lone Worker ID Badge holder is a GPS tracker / Fall-detector /emergency call device for isolated, remote or unsupervised lone people.

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