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The FA27T ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / tracker with many health and welfare functions, and the ability to monitor wrist temperature (Covid-19). It can do this on a single / manual or on a scheduled repeating basis.

2 subscription types are available for it, of which one must be selected on purchase - with and without Voice enabled for emergency calls only (not a regular phone). A choice is required with the default being the subscription without voice. Minutes beyond the subscription allowance (5mins) will be billed back to the customer.

It has a (Panic) SOS button which can lead to a call to 1-3 numbers if the SoS button is pressed for over 3secs. It allows the setting of up to 3 geofence / safety zones, with App internal push (within phone) alert messages. It has the capabilitiy to set medication reminders and multiple alarm reminders. It can count steps taken (Pedometer) and energy expended. 

When purchasing a GPS watch, it is necessary to also purchase an annually renewable subscription, e.g. the GPS Watch subscription - follow link:  Watch Subscription

Its phone App is called: Aibeile Plus-  downloadable from the Apple or Play stores. The FA27T watch does not have an available Web App as well, but one is being developed.

  Tracker Features
1. Location update schedule modes (1min/10min/60min)
2. Calling Contacts (phone book, SOS call numbers, two-way communication)
3 Historical track (3 months look-back)
4. Geo-fence (Safety zones)
5. Do Not Disturb (times of SOS only)
6. Ring Profile/ type (ring/vibrate)
7. Clock and Alarm
8. Watch Finder (sound buzzer)
9. Pedometer (Step, Excercise calculator)
10. Sleep monitoring
11. Medication reminders
12. Fall alert (alerts within app or to a number)
13. Reject incoming calls from strangers option
14. Body temperature measurement (FA27)
15. Administrator and users with access to tracker

Initiation Procedure:

  • Download and Install phone app Aibeile Plus
  • Register and create and account
  • Link your FA27T watch to the acccount using the Aibeile Plus phone app.
  • Follow the supplied Aibeile Plus User Manual to use your watch.

Below are links to Training / User PDF documents to download. These explain the operation, the use of the Aibeile phone app and the GPS Tracking Station web app.

Aibeile Plus phone App Guide: DOWNLOAD LINK

         FA27T GPS Watch Guide:  DOWNLOAD LINK

The FA27T GPS watch comes with a magnetic coupling charging cable, a charger, and a SIM already installed.

Physical specification:

Dimension 46mmX40mmX15mm
Weight 48gm
Color black color / grey color
Button Single button(Power button/SOS button)
Display 1.3" 240X240 pixels High definition touch screen
GPS antenna High sensitive ceramics active antenna
GSM antenna Quad frenquency GSM antenna
Battery 500mAh
SIM card Micro SIM 3FF
G-sensor Supported
Waterproof grade IP67 waterproof
I/O port Magnetic charging port

Electrical specification:

Chip MTK MT2503
Frequency GSM 850MHZ/1900MHZ 900MHZ/1800MHz
GPRS Class12
GPS signal L1,1575.42MHz C/A
GPS channel number 22 channels
GPS chip receive sensitivity Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm,
Capture sensitivity:-148dBm
GPS location accuracy 5~15m
LBS location accuracy 100-1000m
Minimum standby current < 0.5 mA
Average standby current < 2.5 mA
Average working current ca. 55mA
Working temperature -20~70℃
Working humidity 5% to 95% non-congealable
Test and certification CE
Microphone Supported

Software specification:

Supported operating systems Android 4 and above , IOS 5.0 and above
Call function Two way talk/remote voice monitor/SOS calling
Language support More than 10 different Languages incl. English
Positioning GPS+Beidou+WIFI+LBS positioning
Support AGPS Cool start 26 seconds positioning
Call function Two way talk/remote voice monitor/SOS calling/ white list/ Do not Disturb modes
Power management Ultra-low power consumption, intelligent dormancy
SOS key Automatic dial-up number
Historicial data Can check three months' historical route
Wireless upgrading Remote Software upgrading, debugging, setting parameters



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Subscription Watch 12m Subscription Watch 12m
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1 month(s) = 9.43 €
Sub+Voice Watch 12m Sub+Voice Watch 12m
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1 month(s) = 10.83 €

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