GPS trackers for tracking PETS, to enable retrieval if lost or injured.
They come with a SIM already installed.

It helps Pet Owners monitor the the location and routes taken by pets.
Our devices use 2G or 4G with 2G fallback.


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The A21 is a ready-to-use 1000 mAh / 2-3day 2G GPS tracker / pendant that can fit into tight spaces or inside clothing.

97.00 *
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Delivery weight: 38 g


The FA29 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker / pendant with the option of emergency call / voice capabilities. (Aibeile Plus interface)

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Delivery weight: 38 g

TMT250 Tracker

The TMT250 is a Teltonika TMT250 GPS tracker with pre-installed SIM for Personal use.

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Delivery weight: 77 g

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