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The Teltonika GH5200 Lone Worker ID Badge holder is a GPS tracker / Fall-detector /emergency call device for isolated, remote or unsupervised lone people.It uses the TrackServer platform, that combines the GPS functionality with many other optional capabilities:

  • FALL (Man-Down) detector (x msecs of free fall and/or badge orientation change)
  • NO MOVEMENT (possible incapacity of Wearer) detection
  • AMBER ALERT (e.g. when return from a call/visit is overdue, possibly due to anti-social behaviour)
  • QUARANTINE VIOLATION detector - for Covid Isolators, or Offenders on parole
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING detecion (detects whether less than 2m (COVID) from another Badge)
  • PANIC / SOS button to: Single-Click panic button to send an SMS alert to 1 or more people; or Double-Click to initiate a phone call to someone.
  • ID BADGE HOLDER. - We can print names and basic contact on ID Cards.

It has the capability to make an emergency call to up to 5 numbers (in sequence), and/or automated SMS messages to up to 10 people/numbers. It is for emergency calls, not regular phone use.
It can be configured either by USB cable connection, Bluetooth, SMS, or over the air FOTA-Web.

Falls can be defined in terms of time (msecs) in free-fall or in a change of angle relative to when normally worn - vertical (portrait), or horizontal (landscape). It can respond automatically to both free-fall time and badge angle change.
It can also detect and alert after the passage of a pre-specified time duration without any movement of the badge or its wearer, suggesting Incapacitation!
It is also capable of detecting social distancing (e.g. 2m rule) proximity violations in pandemic contexts. The distance between it and other similar badges, can be constantly monitored, so as to emit an audio warning when a set minimum seperation has been violated. Its records can hence greatly assist in the tracing close contacts (video available) following infection. This might be relevant again in the future if controls return.

The Teltonika GH5200 has two available modes of operation - the Normal operation and the Deep online Sleep mode to preserve battery power.
It is an exceptionally flexible tracker with many alerting options available. It has an reasonable battery size (1050mAh) and life (2-3 day). Daily overnight re-charging should probably be standard if possible.

Although capable of many uses, it is very simple to use. What it does is determined by the Configuration file loaded onto it. GPS2Find can help customers tune the config file to a customer's particular objectives. These configs can be further changed by sending a different one over the air or by Bluetooth.
We do also supply simpler  PERSONAL welfare/safety trackers. Follow these linksto:  -the
A21 & FA29 Pendants; or to: the  A20S & FA27T Watches.

It also requires the purchase and annual renewal of a subscription -SubPerson-12m. Quantity discounts are available - see Price reductions tab above.

Button Functions:
The front of the badge is designed to hold a standard ID card (credit card size 86 x 54mm) The back of the GH5200 has 5 buttons which come with default function assignments that cover the most popular needs. These can be altered, over the air, to match other customer requirements, also by sending the Badge a revised configuration file using a web-FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) interface.
Configuration can be done either by GPS2Find for its customers, or through the training of a customer appointee to do this - by special arrangement. Contact numbers for emergency calls of SMS alerts can be defined in the TrackServer Settings section.
A list of the potential functions that can be assigned to the 5 buttons is contained in a document referenced below. Each button has functions attached to: SINGLE CLICK; DOUBLE CLICK; and LONG CLICK. Button 1 has the default function to turn GPS tracking On and Off to allow the Wearer privacy after working hours! See
Function Button Options List.

GH5200_Outline   GH5200_Button_Functions

The GH5200 has GPS/GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity:

  1. Two - way voice communication for emergency calls.
  2. Slim lightweight design suitable for everyday use.
  3. Bluetooth for external devices and linkage to Low Energy sensors
  4. Man-Down, Panic, Alarm & No Movement scenarios
  5. 5 buttons that can be configured to a range of functions
  6. Up to 5 Call/SMS recipients in case of emergency event


It is designed for anyone who performs activity without the close or direct supervision of others. It represents the use of a latest technology to give psychological assurance and mitigate the risks and fears faced by lone workers, such as:

  1. Healthcare or Social visitors,
  2. Maintenance Technicians/Engineers/Workers,
  3. Lone workers who work isolated from others (e.g. BS 8484:2016 capabilities)
  4. Home or gig-economy workers/drivers
  5. Employees working out of standard working hours 24/7.
  6. Agriculture or Forestry workers


The tracker offers high quality voice communication, programmable LED indications and a 1050mAh rechargeable battery, and USB Micro charging lead, to meet latest legislation for lone workers safety and protection. They provide a system by which business managers can fulfil legal and moral obligations to keep in touch with such workers and respond to any incidents. ID Cards (credit card size: 86 x 54 mm) can be inserted, for either landscape or portrait lanyard (not included) attachment. It is a 2G device, and so should be operational until 2030 at least.

General characteristics

Module name






GNSS receiver

33 channel

Tracking sensitivity

-165 dBM

GNSS accuracy

< 3 m

GNSS start times

Hot < 1 s, Warm < 25 s, Cold < 35 s

Cellular technology


2G bands

Quad-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

Charging voltage

5V DC with over-voltage protection


1050 mAh Li-Ion battery - Recommend overnight re-charging


5 Configurable buttons, GNSS antenna (Internal High Gain), Cellular antenna (Internal High Gain), 2.0 Micro-USB, 3 LED indicators, Micro-SIM, e-SIM possibility, 128 MB internal flash memory

Device operating temperature

-20 °C to +60°C

Storage temperature

-20 °C to +60°C for 1 month; -5 °C to +30°C for 6 months

Operating Humidity

under 80% non-condensing

Ingress Rating





Alarm button, Man-Down Detection, Home Zone, Proximity Detection, Amber Alert, Inside Tracking, Movement/No Movement Events, 50 Manual Geofence zones, Over Speeding, Action On Call feature, Real Time tracking, Smart Algorithm of GPRS data sending for GPRS traffic saving, Asset Tracking, Power On/Off event, Event on a Pressed Button, On Demand tracking via button press, Beacon On Demand tracking, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 heart rate measurement and heart rate range exit alerts, Race Mode

Sleep modes

GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Sleep, Low Power Mode

Configuration and firmware update

FOTA Web, FOTA, FMB Configurator (USB, Blue-tooth)


Configuration, Events, Debug

GPRS commands

Configuration, Debug

Time Sync




95 x 64 x 11 mm (L x W x H)


80 g

Charging voltage: 5 Vdc
Antennas and Status/Navigate LEDs are on the ID card side, which needs be orientated facing the outside world, to favour satellite signal reception.

Remote access from the TrackServer phone app and web-app interfaces allows users to:

  • set the frequency for position reporting;
  • define a Geo-Fence zone(s) and turn zones On/Off; 
  • turn On/Off (Arm/Disarm) the Motion detecion function
  • send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change settings;
  • to set contact details of the alert recipients.
  • view battery level.

The large screen user interface - use the TrackServer web-app.  For small screens use TrackServer phone app, or use the small screen Web-app.

A Charging Rack accessory for holding 10 Worker Badges while being charged (usually overnight) is available.

External Docs / Links:
Social Distancing Video
Datasheet Link
First Start Manual Link
Parameter List
Function Button
Options List

CE_Mark69x50.jpg WEEE_2.svg35x50.jpg RoHS_Green50x50
Certifications: (webpage links)

GH5200 EAC
GH5200 Ukrainian UCRF

GH5200 Anatel
GH5200 FCC

Declarations: (webpage links)

GH5200 RoHS
Declaration of IMEI assignment
Declaration of IMEI security
REACH Regulation Declaration
Declaration of Conformity to BS8484:2016, Section 5


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