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The TMT100 is a long-lasting stand-alone (Backup) Teltonika GPS tracker with pre-installed SIM. It can function as a backup tracker to another, detecting by Bluetooth when the primary tracker has been disabled - double protection.
It has waterproof IP68 ingress protection, and is made in the EU (Lithuania). It has a removable end-face plug. See below
By being configured to report once per day, its slow discharge Lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) internal battery (7.2V 2200mAh / 15.84Wh), can last up to 3 yrs. There is an internal On/Off switch.
Its batteries are swappable, not re-chargeable. Battery replacement is very simple - pull out end-cap, slide out the main circuit board, unclip batteries & unplug (Molex connector) the battery. No soldering required.


It is capable of serving as a Backup tracker,
It uses the Trackserver phone app, and trackserver.ie web-app.
It comes ready to use when powered on. It has a 25x25mm square internal ceramic GPS antenna under the top (printed) surface.
It has onboard memory for data collection following GPRS network disconnection, with 128 MB internal flash memory (220,000 records).
As it is wireless, it can be placed / hidden in a wide range of locations usually. Its top (printed) face needs to receive satellite signal to avoid high battery power consumption.

It is an exceptionally flexible tracker with many alerting options available.

General characteristics
Weight: 110g, 155g incl. box .
Casing has 4 tie-attachment loops/slots
Dimensions:  Length=78mm; Width=63mm; Thickness=28mm.

Battery: Extremely low self-discharge Li-SOCl2 swappable battery, 7.2V 2200mAh (15,84Wh)
Charging voltage: not applicable.
Antennas are both under the top printed surface.
Status/Navigate LEDs: none
Alert notification: SMS or email through Trackserver app.
Interface: Ultra-low-power Bluetooth BlueNRG-232 chipset, 2.0 micro-USB, Internal micro-SIM slot.
Cellular: Quad-band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz; GPRS Multi-Slot Class 12 (up to 440 kbps); GPRS Mobile Station Class B
External: Bluetooth Sensors (up to BLE 5.0)


Trackserver phone app, and trackserver.ie web-app.
Configuration and firmware update: FOTA WEB (cloud based solution), Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth), Configuration through SMS
Alert Scenarios: Enhanced tamper detection, Accelerometer wake up,
GNSS and LBS, Indoor Tracking, Bluetooth sensor support (Light, Temperature, Humidity, etc.), Recover mode, Movement detection, Scheduler with time zones, Tracking on stop / on move, Backup Tracking, Static navigation
Sleep modes: Online Deep Sleep is the only sleep mode enabled in Trackserver. Others available by SMS command are: Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Sleep, Low power mode.
Protocols: UDP/TCP/SMS
Data sending: Primary, Duplicate and Backup servers
Security: Configuration password, SMS login and password, Authorized GSM numbers list, TLS
Time Synchronization: GNSS, NITZ, NTP
Supported peripherals: Bluetooth LE Movement sensors, LE Magnet sensors, LE Temperature and Humidity sensors and LE Temperature sensors support, iBeacon and Eddystone beacon support

Remote access from TrackServer interfaces allows users to:

  • set the frequency for position reporting;
  • define a Geo-Fence zone(s) and turn them On/Off; 
  • turn On/Off (Arm/Disarm) the Motion detecion function
  • send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change settings;
  • to set contact details of the alert recipients.
  • view battery level.

For large screens, use the TrackServer web-app at www.trackserver.ie
For small screens, use the TrackServer (downloadable) phone app
, or the small screen web-app at mobile.trackserver.co.uk Link: small screen Web-app.
The Trackserver interface provides the Teltonika TMT100 with two available modes of operation - Normal operation and Deep online Sleep modes. Others are available by SMS command.

TAT100 Parameter list: TAT100 Parameter list
TAT100 SMS/GPRS Commands: TAT100 SMS/GPRS Commands
TAT100 First Start: TAT100 First Start

Certifications/Regulatory(pending)   CE_Mark69x50.jpg WEEE_2.svg35x50.jpg  CE(RED), EAC, RoHS, REACH. 

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