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1 month(s) = 12.92 €

1 month(s) = 12.92 €

New 36 month subscription for Teltonika trackers (only) using the Trackserver interface, at 1min (minimum) reporting, purchased after 1Nov2022 (new SIMs), with an annual reset to 50 SMS credits.

This bundle is ideal for a normal number of alerts by SMS.  The TrackServer apps show the subscription expiry date and remaining SMS credit balance.
Customers can set up a phone calendar reminder of the subscription renewal date. Additional SMS credits can be purchased any time. See
Extra SMS Credits.


Product Note Status Price
FMT100 Tracker FMT100 Tracker
91.00 € *
Delivery weight: 150 g
FMP100 Tracker FMP100 Tracker
89.00 € *
Delivery weight: 105 g
FMB020 Tracker FMB020 Tracker
89.00 € *
Delivery weight: 105 g
FMB204 Tracker FMB204 Tracker
105.00 € *
Delivery weight: 120 g
FMB920 Tracker FMB920 Tracker
85.00 € *
Delivery weight: 214 g
TFT100UART eForklift Tracker TFT100UART eForklift Tracker
89.00 € *
Delivery weight: 205 g

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