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Discontinued. The used Prime Pr2-20 has a 2000mAh LiPo battery giving it a 10-14day battery life under normal usage conditions. The u-Pr2-20 is a reconditioned superceded model, which may be ex-stock.
It has powerful technological features, a pre-installed micro SIM card, a uBlox GPS satelite navigation chipsets and a 25mm square internal ceramic GPS antenna.
It has an external GPS antenna port giving it options for being it to be installed in locations with no GPS reception.
It has internal memory cache capacity for up to 10,000 position reports for when the GPRS connection is lost, with automatic upload on re-connection to phone networks.

Both have the option of "Eco Mode" in which they can be set to completely power off between position reports.  This allows the battery to last up to 10 months when reporting its position just once per day, or 3 months if reporting 4 times per day.
Its compact size allows it to be easily placed or hidden. Its housing has tie-holes for the attachment of a lanyard or ring.

It has a clearly labelled emergency/SOS button that, which when pressed for more than 3secs, sends an alert to up to 3 mobile phone numbers or email addresses, as set in the tracker's Setting page with checkmarks in the Panic alert column.
The u-Pr2 packaging will not be "as new" but will include a charging lead and USB charger.

General characteristics
Weight:  74g
Dimensions:  Length=65mm; Width=42mm; Thickness=20.8mm

Battery:  Lithium polymer (LiPo) 2000mAh 3.7V / 10-14 days autonomous power.

GPS characteristics:
GPS chipset:  uBlox all-in-one chipset.  50 channel Class 12
Quad-band operation 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Reception  - rapid: TTFF (Time To First Fix): 29s (cold start unobstructed sky), 1s (hot start - already started)
External antenna gain: +5dBm at 1575MHz
Precision: +/- 2.5m after first report when warmed up and with a strong GPS signal.

Motion detection: 3 axis accelerometer: 8g
User interface: USB mini B
Charger:  Mains charger included (2 pin for Ireland/UK)
On/Off button:   Recessed on bottom edge.


Remote access from the TrackServer app and web-app allows users to:

  • set the frequency for position reporting;
  • view the emergency/panic button status; 
  • define a Geo-Fence zone(s) and turn it/them On/Off; 
  • turn On/Off (Arm/Disarm) the Motion detecion function
  • send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change settings;
  • to enter the cell-phone number(s) for SMS messages or Email addresses of the alert recipients.

For full control of the device's settings, see the How To section on using the Track Panel for more detail.  For mobile access and partial control of the device's settings using the Track Panel (Mobile), see the How To section on ...using the Track Panel-Mobile.

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Certifications: PTCRB_logo3.jpg CE_Mark69x50.jpg FCC_logo69x50.jpg WEEE_2.svg35x50.jpg



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