Hard Wiring Kit 1m USB Mini

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This wiring kit consists of a pair of input leads (Red and Black) to connect to a vehicle's battery supply (8-24VDC) to give an output USB (5Vdc) voltage through a 90degree USB Mini B male connector.

Electrical Connection:  Making the connection to the vehicle supply voltage should be done by someone with reasonable competency to do it safely.  The connections and adaptor should be secure and short circuits should be avoided.  When the supply voltage is applied, a Tracker connected to the USB Mini B plug will automatically power on, without the need to manually switch it on.  It will remain powered on when/after the supply voltage is switched off running on its internal battery until the internal battery flattens or the external power returns. Kit cable length is 1m approx, and it does not include an in-line fuse.

Selecting a location:  If the device is to avoid discovery by thieves, so as to remain in operation and concealed, its location and the conspicuousness of the wires leading to it should be concealed.  The 1m cable should be long enough to reach most potential locations. A 3m cable version is also available.  When choosing a location for the Tracker remember that it will need to be able to pick up the very weak radio signals from the GPS satellites 20,000km overhead.  The Tracker will not pick up their signal if surrounded on all sides by metal.

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