Sub TrkSvr - 12 months

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1 month(s) = 4.41 €

1 month(s) = 4.41 €

12 month TrackServer subscription to TrackServer platform. Customer already has SIM. Effectively unlimited* location reporting at 1min (minimum) intervals, with annual 50 SMS credit balance restoration.

* A reasonableness usage limit of 2,000 position reports per week, & a minimum 1 min reporting interval applies.

This bundle is ideal for a relatively high level of alerts by SMS to a mobile phone number. 
The TrackServer apps show the subscription expiry date and remaining SMS credit balance.
Recommend Users set up a reminder of when a tracker's subscription renewal will be required - e.g. in Outlook or on a phone.
Additional SMS credits can be purchased if needed by adding them to a basket. See
Extra SMS Credits.

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