...install Silverlight

...install MS Silverlight

...install MS Silverlight

To fully configure your GPS device from either a Windows machine or a Mac (MacOS), it is necessary to download Microsoft Silverlight from the MS website, the MS equivalent of Adobe Flash.  It is free and its installation actually initiates automatically (prompted) when a computer without Silverlight first goes to the Track panel webpage. If user permissions do not allow this, even though it is free and only takes seconds to download and install, it will have to be done by someone with the required permissions. The tracker cannot be fully configured using just the HTML (Track Panel-Mobile) interface, because it doesn't provide control of all configuration parameters.


In order to use the Track Panel go to and download the version appropriate to your Operating System

There are guidelines under "System Requirements" indicating the browsers versions appropriate to the various operating systems, including Mac OS that are required.

When presented with the option to install, run the installation.  Restart your browser and then try going to the Track Panel

If this still doesn't work, contact us on +353 42 942 0560 but always do the above first.