GPS trackers provide peace of mind in many uses:







GPS trackers provide information on their current location and past history. They offer various alert options to warn particular people.

Attach a tracker to a valued asset if at risk, before it's lost or stolen.


Our tracker range is extensive, reasonably priced, technically advanced and easy to use. There should be one for any situation.

  1. Location reporting - when on and moving, they report their location at regular intervals (from 10s to 60min). They sleep when not moving;
  2. Available Alerts: Motion alerts, Zone alerts, Panic alerts, Low battery alerts;
  3. User-friendly interfaces - 3 available to suit any internet device, big or small screened.


Other features:

  1. 2 operating modes available: Normal mode / Eco mode;
  2. a SIM is fitted - roams almost worldwide - see red on map (left side);
  3. Services available: Installation, Monitoring, Support,  etc.;
  4. Dual tracking modes: GPS and LBS
  5. Buy-back: We buy back trackers for parts if no longer needed;
  6. Training: Free initial online training included in prices;
  7. Look-back History: at least 2 yrs;
  8. Languages: Interfaces in 6 languages.

The location of our GPS trackers can be viewed using ANY type of internet device:

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Fitting a tracker can lead to an insurance cost reduction, e.g. with thePlantFiles100
To discuss a specific tracking requirement, please contact us:

EU_flag  Ireland: (042) 942 0560

Elsewhere: +353 42 942 0560

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G7 Tracker

The G7 has many advanced features, a 1700mAh 7-10day battery life and a 3G modem.

169.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 245 g


The Prime-ME is a small smooth slim tracker that's ideal for personal use or where space is limited, with a two day battery life.

98.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 135 g


The Prime2 Pr2-20 has many advanced features, a 2000mAh 10-14day battery, a 3G modem and an external GPS antenna input port

184.00 € *
Old price 189.00 €
In stock
Delivery weight: 235 g


The Vector50 is a Prime2 tracker in a protective ABS plastic box with a screw-cap IP68 USB charging port, two internal Nd magnets, flanges for non-magnetic attachment, and a 35 day battery life.

265.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.35 kg

Praetorian 100

The Praetorian Prt-100 is a compact long battery life tracker with 2 internal Neodymium magnets, a waterproof (IP67) external USB charging port, and a 2-3 month battery life.

275.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 540 g


The Prime Bolt-104 has a IP67 hard case with a waterproof external USB charging port, a 10,400mAh battery, a 3G modem, a large cache memory, and 3 internal Neodymium magnets and cable-tie cut-aways and 3 month battery life.

295.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 575 g

10,000 Position + 50 SMS credits

Combined bundle containing 10,000 position credits and 50 SMS credits with an expiry date 12 months after purchase.

68.00 € *
In stock


The Pulsar-100 is a tracker with a 1 year battery life, when reporting its position 1 or 2 times per day in Battery Save mode, inside a 4mm steel channel housing that can be welded or bolted to an asset.

175.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 975 g


The Quasar-100 is a tracker with a 1 year battery life, when reporting its position 1 or 2 times per day in Battery Save mode, inside a flanged ABS box that can be attached to an asset.

175.00 € *
In stock
Delivery weight: 975 g

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