T920 Tracker

T920 Tracker

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The T920 is a Teltonika FMB920 tracker with a pre-installed SIM and initial free credits.
It comes with a pre-installed SIM card, and is ready to use when powered on. It has a 25mm square internal ceramic GPS antenna.

Its compact size allows it to be easily placed or hidden. Its small internal battery, 170mAh which provides limited operation (ca. 2 hours) after disconnection of external power.

Operating mode
The L920 has only one available mode of operation - Normal operation.

General characteristics
Weight:  58g and 241g including packaging. Does not come with a charger.
Dimensions:  Length=79mm; Width=43mm; Thickness=12mm

Battery:  Lithium polymer (LiPo) 170mAh 3.7V is small with a short battery liife of about 1 day autonomous power.
Charging voltage: 4.75 - 5.25V
2 Status LEDs
Each device comes with pre-installed free credits for initial usage:  200 position credits and 10 SMS credits

GNSS characteristics
Quad-band operation 900/1800MHz (Most of world) 850/1900MHz (Americas)
GNSS  - Cold start: 35s (unobstructed sky), Warm start: 25s, Hot start: 1s (already on)

Tracking: 33/99 acquisition channels. -165dBm sensitivity,  NMEA-183 protocol
Accuracy(hot): <3m
Internal 128MB SD card to store data cached when GSM/GPRS connection is lost.

1 Digital Input
1 Analog Input
1 Digital Open-collector Output (connecting external relays, LED, buzzers etc.)
Built in accelerometer

Internal backup battery
Power supply (+10…+30) V DC with overvoltage protection
Internal High Gain GNSS antenna
Internal High Gain GSM antenna


Remote access from TrackServer interfaces allows users to:

  • set the frequency for position reporting;
  • view the emergency/panic button status; 
  • define a Geo-Fence zone(s) and turn it/them On/Off; 
  • turn On/Off (Arm/Disarm) the Motion detecion function
  • send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change settings;
  • to set contact details of the alert recipients.

For full control of the device's settings, see the How To section on TrackServer-Desktop for more detail.  For mobile access and partial control of the device's settings using the TrackServer Mobile interface, see the How To section on ...using the Track Panel-Mobile.

 Assist Ireland website link:

Certifications: CE_Mark69x50.jpg WEEE_2.svg35x50.jpg

CE Mark RoHS


Product Note Status Price
Positions - 6 months Positions - 6 months
72.00 € *
1 month(s) = 12.00 €
Plant Subscription 12 months Plant Subscription 12 months
95.00 € *
1 month(s) = 7.92 €

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