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Praetorian 100

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The Praetorian Prt-100 is a compact long battery life tracker with magnets for attachment to ferrous surfaces. It is suited to long term asset protection. It comes with a fitted SIM that roams in all developed countries worldwide. It works from when it's delivered.  For PAYG credits, we strongly recommend the annual Plant subscription service - PAYG Plant Subscriptions.

It contains a large 10,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery that provides a 2-3 month time interval before rechargings when operated in Normal mode or Battery Save mode which extends battery life to 9-12 months. It can be re-charged by removing a plastic protective cap and connecting the supplied USB charger and lead. It can be set to message up to 3 people when it needs to be charged. We offer a reminder service concerning battery dropping below 20% or subscription expiry.

The status and colour of its indicator LEDs can be viewed through an indicator window on its top surface. It doesn't have an on/off button and consequently is always on. To preserve the battery it can be set to Battery Save mode. It has two strong external (Neodymium) magnets that attach very strongly (30kgf) to ferrous surfaces.

Its technical properties are similar to those of the Prime1 tracker. Its ABS plastic box is fitted with stainless steel fixing machine screws to make it dust and water-tight to IP67. Its GPS and GPRS antenae are located on its top surfaces, which should be oriented towards the outside world (road, window, etc.) so as to receive the weak satellite radio signals from space. It must not be surrounded on all sides by metal.

As with any of our trackers, there are 6 user interfaces, of which at least one will suit any equipment type or operating system - the Tracking panel for Windows or Mac users (except for Chrome); the Tracking panel mobile (HTML) for anything; the free iOS app for iPhone or iPad users, the Android app and finally the Device Management Consul (HTML) also works on anything for summary info from a large number of trackers.

The usual Alert (email or text message ) options are available:
   Battery low - when it goes below 20%;
   Motion alerts - if it moves when motion detection is armed;
   Zone alerts - if it leaves or enters defined zones;
   Tamper alerts - if external power is cut or it's turned off.

General characteristics:



Technical Interfaces

  • L * W * H:  118mm * 76mm * 40mm (incl magnets)


  • USB connector: USB Mini-B (5pin) female panel mount
  • Weight:  350g
  • IP67


  • Re-charge time: 8hrs on UK mains charger 220V; 1A
  • Battery:  10Ah   3.7/4.2V   Ext. charging voltage: 5V


  • Transmit protocol: TCP, UDP, SMS, Air interface
  • Fitted M2M SIM roams developed world - see website


  • Report frequency: (moving) from 10s to 60m;
    (not moving) every 4hrs (heartbeat)
  • Certifications: FCC; PTRB; CE; RoHS


  • Motion Detection: 3 axis; 8g  Auto-arm timed On/Off



  • Geo-fences: Up to 5 available
  • GPS chipset: uBlox 50 channels, GPS L1


  • Alert options:  Low battery; Zone alerts; Motion alerts; Tamper alert (Power off; Charging off)
  • Sensitivity(typical): Cold start: -147dBm; Reacquis'n/Monitoring: -160dBm


User Interfaces

  • Accuracy: Autonomous  <2.5m


  • Windows/Mac: (Silverlight)
  • Cold start: <29s;  Hot start: <5s


  • Desktop IP address:
  • Phone IP address:



  • iOS App name: (App Store): mytrackingapp
  • Modem: 3g GPRS Class B


  • Android App name: (Play Store): gps2find
  • Frequency: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz


  • Universal/mobile: (HTML):

Battery Life


  • Multiple device: (HTML):
  • Battery life:   Normal mode/use: 2-3 months
    Battery Save mode @ 4/day: 9-12 months


PAYG credits: SMS/Positions/Both Bundles or Subscriptions


User interface (7) functions:

  1. to enter the mobile phone numbers or email addresses of alert recipients.
  2. to set the time interval between position reports;
  3. to view the emergency/panic button status indicators;
  4. to turn a Geo-fence zone (virtual perimeter) on and off, and position it or size it (5 available); 
  5. to turn on/off (arm) the motion detection function;
  6. to set times of On and Off for Auto-arming motion detection function;
  7. to send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change its settings*
  8. to send a command (SMS) to get the device to report its position immediately*;
  9. to switch between Normal and Battery-Save (Stealth) mode (on/off);
  10. to view previous position reports / history as breadcrumb trails on a map, with or without animation (Play);
  11. to export the data from a journey to Excel or CSV;
  12. to turn off the alarm, following an alert;

*  Those setting alterations that use an SMS credit are asterisked, the others don't.

For more technical data, see the Product Data sheet link below.

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