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Prime P22

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The Prime P22 is an ultra low power tracker ideal for lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications. It has a significant battery life of 14 days and comes with an internationally roaming SIM card. It is a technologically advanced 2G tracking device offering a wide range of operating modes.

When switched on and moving, it sends a location report at time intervals set by the user. Current and historical locations / trails can be viewed using the TrackServer phone app or web-app at When not moving it drops to reporting every 4 hrs to preserve battery power.

Motion detection:  The Prime P22 has a motion detector to detect motion and non-motion (4 hour reporting). By arming a Motion Alert option manually or through Auto-Arm, motion can cause a (motion )alert to email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

Geo-fences:  Up to 3 zones can be set to provide zone alerts when the tracker leaves or returns to customer defined zones.

5 Operating modes available:
1) Normal. Reports location at set intervals wwhen moving, 4-hourly when not.
2) Eco mode. Powers off between set intervals to extend battery life.

3) Flight mode. Powers off for a set number of hours (flight duration) then powers on.
4) Park mode. Low power consumption until motion detected.
5) Pursuit mode. Continuous reporting without Sleeping during non-motion.

Historical data retained for 12 months min.

Battery:  The Prime P22 contains a rechargeable battery with a life of 10-14 days between charges with average usage. Low battery warning at default 20% level.

General characteristics:
Weight:  90gm, 145gm including charging cable and outer box
Battery:  Lithium polymer (LiPo) 2600mAh 3.7V / 10-14 days typical usage.
Very low standby power consumption.

Dimensions:  Length: 7.5cm    Width: 4.25cm   Thickness: 2.7cm
Temperature: -20 to 55 degC; Humidity 95%RH; RoHS compliant.
Splashproof, not waterproof or immersible in bath/shower.

GPS characteristics:
Modem: 2G GNSS (GPS & GLONASS) with Wi-Fi tracking.
Reception  - rapid: TTFF (Time To First Fix): 29secs cold start (clear sky), 1sec
(hot start - already started)
Precision: +/- 2.5m  open sky, <2min reporting
Motion detection: 3 axis accelerometer:

User interface: USB micro. Charging cable included.
SIM: 4FF (nano)


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