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The Pr2-MB3 MagBox3 is a Prime2 Pr2-13 in an IP67 submersible box enclosure with a stainless steel screwed lid, an internal Nd magnet, an internal power adaptor and lead for connection to vehicle power (8-24Vdc). The Pr2-13 tracker has an independent battery life of 7-10 days and a SIM card that roams in most developed countries worldwide. It comes with some initial starting credits (200 Positions and 10 SMS) to get it working straight from its box.  The Pr2-MB3 (MagBox3) also contains an internal 8-24Vdc power adaptor inside an off-white ABS box with a screwed lid and an internal magnet. The tracker's ID number is labelled and engraved on its body and lid.  The tracker needs to be connected to an external battery electrical sytem. It has a long (1-2.5m) lead. The box's off-white colour allows it to be sprayed any colour to blend in with a setting or machine's colour.
The Prime2 is a technically advanced locating and alerting devices that offers a wide range of operating options under the control of the customer.

When switched on and moving, it sends out position reports at time intervals set by the user, via GPRS to a secure database system, where they can be viewed seconds later, giving almost real-time viewing of where the device is.  It is a Push tracker which outperform and are replacing old-fashioned Pull trackers that have to be texted for them to reply with their position co-ordinates, or a logger-type device that needs to be connected to a computer.

Our range of devices use two radio systems: 1) the GPRS cell phone networks (masts), and 2) the GPS satelite constellation overhead.  The tracker's technically advanced uBlox GPS module then computes the device's latitude and longtitude co-ordinates which along with other variables are transmitted in a data packet to a remote secure server.  These packets form a breadcrumb trails across a (Google-type) map when viewed on an internet device - a computer, smart-phone, iPad, laptop or tablet. Accuracy largely depends on the time interval between position reports and the strength of the satelite radio signals reaching the tracker - that is, its physical environment.

The user has access to 7 user interfaces to view their tracker's position and two to change the device's settings - the Tracking Panel for a Windows/Mac machines, that work with any browser other than Chrome, and the Tracking Control which will work on any computer (not phone) - Tracking Control. There are two HTML interfaces that will also work on any internet device called the Tracking Panel [Mobile] and the DMC - Device Management Consol which provides summary information on large numbers of trackers.  There is an iOS app in the App Store for iPhone/iPad and an Android app in the Play Store, to which there are links on the left hand side of each of our website. Together these provide user-friendly portals giving users quick and convenient access to information from their device(s).  Click on the links above to learn more.

Motion detection:

The Pr2-MB3 contains an accelerometer to detect motion.  This allows it to detect motion and non-motion which turns its GPS module off and changes the report time to 4hrs.  Motion detected by the accelerometer awakens the tracker and it resumes position reporting at the user-selected time interval.  When armed, even slight motion of the device will cause a motion alert.

Battery modes:

The Pr2-MB3 contains a rechargeable battery with a life of 7-10 days for when/if it is disconnected from external power, or if its battery fails. Battery life depends on intensity of use, i.e. the frequency of sending position reports, and the proportion of time spent in motion.  The more frequently reports are sent, and the weaker the GPS signal, the greater the drain on the battery.  The option to change to Battery Save mode is NOT AVAILABLE to any tracker that is wired to a vehiclee's electrical system.

General characteristics:

Weight:  210g including box and magnets.
Battery:  Lithium polymer (LiPo) 1300mAh 3.7V / 7-10 days typical usage.
Dimensions:  Length: 8.3cm    Width: 5.8cm   Thickness: 3.3cm
Each device comes with pre-installed free credits for initial usage:  200 position credits; 10 SMS creditsa

GPS characteristics:

GPS chipset:  uBlox (Swiss) all-in-one chipset.
Modem: 3G
Reception  - rapid: TTFF (Time To First Fix): 29s cold start (clear sky), 1s (hot start - already started)
Precision: +/- 2.5m  open sky, <2min reporting
Motion detection: 3 axis accelerometer: 8g threshold
User interface: Twin core lead 2.5m length with 1A in-line fuse on red (8-24VDC)


Tracking Panel functions:

  1. to set the time interval between position reports;
  2. to view the emergency/panic button status indicators;
  3. to turn the virtual perimeter (Geo-Fence) on and off, and position and size the zones (up to 5); 
  4. to turn on/off (arm) the motion detection function;
  5. to send commands (SMS) to the tracker to 
  6. change its settings*
  7. to send a command (SMS) to get the device to report its position immediately*;
  8. to switch between Normal and Battery-Save (Stealth) mode (on/off);
  9. to view previous position reports / history as breadcrumb trails on a map, with or without animation (Play);
  10. to turn off of the alarm, following an alert;
  11. to enter the mobile phone numbers or email addresses of the alert recipients.

*  Those setting alterations that use an SMS credit are asterisked, the others don't.

For more technical data, see the Product Data sheet link below.

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