Vehicle installation (40 - 100km)

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This is a local service only, between 40 and 100km radius from Castlebellingham.  The installation will connect a Prime GPS tracker to the vehicles 12 or 24V power supply in a reasonably concealed location in the vehicle.  This ensures that the tracker will be charged by the vehicle's battery/alternator at least when the ignition is on.  The wiring location chosen for the electrical connection will be either "always on" (preferred) or ignition-switched when not practical.  The customer will be informed of the installation location.  Installations cannot be performed out in the open when it is raining.

While every effort will be made to make the tracker inconspicuous, no guarantee concerning its non-discovery can be given. With some all-metal plant items it is not possible to find a sutable location either to connect to the electrical system or to find adequate satellite signal reception. Often it is necessary to chose a location close to the vehicle's electrical components. Sometimes wired-in trackers are not suitable and standalone trackers may be needed.

Price discount applies to mutiple vehicle installations at the same time/location.

More distant Installations are possible by arrangement - please contact us.

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