Cigar lighter USB adaptor

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Automotive 12 V DC adaptor for a vehicle's cigar lighter socket to provide 5V + 0.25V via a USB socket.

  • Generic Car Charger (USB), Black
  • Recharge on the go using power from your car's cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Vehicle Lighter Adapter (12V DC).
  • GPS Tracker can be used during charging.
  • Smart IC chip recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode.
  • Plug never heats up or overcharges the battery.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Charging LED indicator.
  • Can charge Ni-MH and Li-Ion Battery.
This adaptor is inserted in a cigar lighter socket and provides a USB socket into which a USB A to Mini B cable can be inserted to charge a Prime input socket located behind its protective cover.  
When the cigar lighter is powered, such as following ignition, the connected Tracker automatically powers on.  It does not need to be powered on via its On/Off button.  It remains powered on when power/ignition is switched off.
This device is suited to the Prime 1 or Prime 2 but requires a USB cable.
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