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The HW4 wiring kit steps down a 8-52VDC battery input voltage to the standard USB input voltage 5+0.25 VDC with up to 2A max. It is a potted, epoxy filled boxed asynchronous (Buck) transformer with a pair of input red leads (no polarity) and two polar Yellow(+ve) and Black(-ve) leads. Technically the input could also be 7-35VAC.

Electrical Connection:  Making the connection to the vehicle supply voltage should be done by someone with appropriate competence to do it safely and achieve good connection integrity. Connections preferably should involve insulated crimped connectors.The connections and adaptor should be secure and short circuits should be avoided. When the supply voltage is applied, a connected tracker should power on, without the need to manually switch it on.  It will remain powered on and charging until the supply voltage is removed, whereupon it will then run on its internal battery until it becomes depleted, or until the external power is restored. The kit's leads are about 15cm long, and they don't include an in-line fuse.

Selecting a location:  If the device is to avoid discovery, its location and cable connections should be concealed.  If necessary the input and/or output leads may need to be extended to reach the tracker's location where it can receive the required GPS satellite signal. The Tracker will not pick up their signal if surrounded on all sides by metal or other radio frequency absorbent materials, and consequently will not send position reports.

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