GPS Watch Login

GPS Watch Login

GPS Watch Login

The GPS watch is a combined wrist watch & GPS tracker, that allows family members to know the location of it and its Wearer. They have multiple health and fitness functions as well.

There is both an App and a WebApp (web address) for the two different login types:
a)  an individual watch, uses the "ID No." tab, by entering a 10-digit number and the assigned password;
b)  an Account, which usually contains multiple watches, using the "Account" tab and the assigned Password.

The small screen App which needs to be downloaded, is called AIBEILE in both App and Play Stores. Search for it, download then install it.

The large screen WebApp Login is at the web address Link:, to which a Bookmark/Favourite should be set. This portal opens in a new window. When finished, press Back arrow to return.


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The A20S ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / tracker, with many useful health and welfare functions.

125.00 *
Delivery weight: 240 g

In stock

The A21 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker that can be worn in a pocket or as a pendant.

89.00 *
Delivery weight: 38 g

In stock


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