Tracking Panel-Mobile

Tracking Panel-Mobile

Tracking Panel-Mobile

How to use the Tracking Panel (Mobile):

If using a mobile phone (Android, Windowsphone or iOS iPad or iPhone) or any other mobile device with a browser, it is necessary to use the Tracking Panel [Mobile] interface, which is also accessible at This interface works for Windows devices also.  It is important to realise that the Mobile (html) interface can do many but not all of what's possible using the Windows Tracking Panel. The main actions that the Mobile interface cannot do include:
1) Zones.  It is not possible to set up or show zones / geo-fences;
2) Alerts:  It is not possible to set alert recipients, their phone numbers or email addresses;
3) History data: Detailed past position data or animated journeys across a map are not available;
4) Battery save mode cannot be turned on/off.
The above 
can only be done in the Tracking Panel using a Windows machine with Silverlight installed.


To go to the Tracking Panel [Mobile] click the link or go to or simply to on any browser.  This presents a Log-In box looking for either an Account Reference, if for multiple trackers, or a Device ID if for a single tracker.


If a password has been set, it needs to be entered.  If you additional privacy you require a password to be set, please send a request to Make contact or send and email to: supplying your device ID and the password you want.


This leads to the following panel:

There is a Menu button for Log-out, a button for Full screen map and a wide button for the selection of a particular tracker or Show all.

The + Details button opens an information panel showing device location, speed, battery charge level and remaining credits.  There is a button to toggle to/from Streetview.

There is also a date picker and Show History button.


The historical positions for the date selected show as a linked chain.  Animation is not available.  To log out, press Menu and select Log Out.