Wired-in trackers

Wired-in GPS trackers are for electrical connection to an external source, usually an alternator/battery system, which will continuously or intermittently recharge the tracker's internal battery.  If possible the connection should be to a constantly available power point, such as between the battery and a vehicle's Kill switch or ignition switch. This can be difficult to conceal. Next best option is being connected to ignition switched power, which is not suitable for infrequently used or started vehicles.

If always connected to the external supply, the options to detect tampering, such as disconnection or being powered off, are available. See the information on Alert options on the Admin page in the Tracking Panel.

Avoid using Eco mode when connected to an external power source.

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T920 Tracker

The T920 is a Teltonika FMB920 GPS tracker with a pre-installed SIM.

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Delivery weight: 120 g

Prime P22

The Prime P22 is an ultra low power tracker ideal for lone worker, vehicle, pet and asset tracking applications.

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Delivery weight: 180 g

Hard Wiring Kit 1m

A wiring kit to connect to / convert a 8-24Vdc battery input to supply an output voltage of 5Vdc (USB) to power a (USB Mini) GPS tracker.

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Delivery weight: 41 g

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