GPS Watches

GPS Watches

GPS Watches

GPS Watches combine the functions of a wrist watch and a GPS tracker. They have varying additional health and fitness functions.

They are ideal for people with a tendency to wander and/or get lost, or anyone with a significant vulnerability, for which other family members may want / need to know where they are, for their own safety.

The Health and Fitness functions may provide a convenient ancilliary function to help with the Wearer's acceptance of the watch.

GPS watches are bulkier than non-GPS watches, without question. The additional bulk comes from its battery size, to provide 2 days battery life, and the physical dimensions of its antenna and circuit board.

They come with a SIM already installed, which does not support or allow phone/voice functions. If these are required, an alternative higher cost plan SIM can be supplied / arranged.

Below are links to Training / User PDF documents to download. These explain the operation, the use of the Aibeile phone app and the GPS Tracking Station web app.

Aibeile phone App Guide - DOWNLOAD LINK

GPS Tracking Station Web App Guide: DOWNLOAD LINK


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The A20S ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / tracker, with many useful health and welfare functions.

125.00 *
Delivery weight: 240 g

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The A21 ia a ready-to-use GPS tracker that can be worn in a pocket or as a pendant.

89.00 *
Delivery weight: 38 g

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