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A wiring kit to connect to / convert a 8-24Vdc battery input to supply an output voltage of 5Vdc (USB) to power a Nextbase DashCam.

The Nextbase Hardwire Kit contains all the components required to connect either to the cigarette lighter, or by piggyback-ing a fuse box fuse. Simply plug the required fuse tap cable into the vehicle’s fuse box to provide the camera with its own power supply.

Nextbase Dash Cam installation kit with fuse adaptors


The DC-InstalKit  permanently wires your dash cam to your vehicle's elec system, meaning fewer visible cables in your vehicle and freeing up the cigarette lighter socket. Compatible with any Nextbase HD Dash Cam.

DC-InstalKit Extra Info

  • Suitable for any dash cam with a USB-Mini connection
  • Option for fuse box installation or through Cigarette lighter socket
  • Suitable for vehicles using blades fuses
  • Total cable length 5m
  • Suitable for both 12 - 24V vehicles
  • Includes Standard and Mini Fuse adaptors

This allows the Dash Cam to be installed in your vehicle without the need to use the 12V outlet (car cigarette socket). The cable also includes a blue LED indicator to show when there is power available and when a Dash Cam is connected. If fitted to a permanent live supply, the inbuilt minimum voltage limiter will protect the vehicle's battery from going flat. With the Hardwire Kit installed on a switched live supply, the Dash Cam will power on and start recording automatically when the vehicle is opened or starts.

Compatible with 12-24V for car or truck installations. Total cable length is 5m, so the cable can easily be hidden away for a neat installation. Includes: 5V Mini USB power cable, 2 Amp ATO/C fuse (standard), 2 Amp ATM fuse (mini), Fuse tap table (standard), Fuse tap cable ATM (mini) and Ferrite core to remove DAB interference. The kit includes a plastic tool for concealing the cable behind trims, etc.

Electrical Connection:  Making the connection to the vehicle supply voltage should be done by someone with competency.  The connections and adaptor should be secure and short circuits should be avoided.  When the supply voltage is applied, the DashCam connected to the USB Mini B plug will automatically power on, without the need to manually switch it on.  It will remain powered on when/after the supplied voltage is switched off for a short time before shutting down.


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