GPS trackers provide peace of mind regarding:

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Our trackers provide information on where something is and has been. They also have a range of alert options.

Attaching one to an item of value normally aids greatly in its recovery, if stolen. They can also help locate a person who is lost.

Our GPS trackers are reasonably priced, easy to use, and don't require any special know-how.

When purchasing a tracker, remember to also purchase a subscription (PAYG - PayAsYouGo) to cover monthly SIM, data and platform costs.


Core functions are:

  1. Location reporting: - when on and moving, trackers report their location at regular intervals, then sleep when not moving;
  2. Alerts: Motion alerts; Zone(Geo-fence) alerts; Panic alerts, Low battery alerts warn specified people, by SMS or email;
  3. History: Our (phone) App and Web-app user interfaces have a look-back history of 12 months.

Other Features:

  1. Multiple operating modes: Normal- and Eco- modes, and 3 others on GL & G7 models;
  2. Comes with SIM already fitted that roams almost worldwide;
  3. Support provided: Installation, Monitoring, Training, Technical, etc.;
  4. Dual tracking technologies: GPS, LBS and WiFi sniffing on some models;
  5. Buy-back: We buy back most tracker models, if in resaleable condition, either for parts or resale as Used;
  6. Interfaces are multilingual - 6 languages.
  7. Our apps are fully licensed to use Google maps. Unlicensed apps usually suddenly stop working!

 App:   qrcode_iOS_TrksvrApp100 or  qrcode_Android_TrksvrApp100

The location of our GPS trackers can be viewed using ANY kind/size of internet device:

Ire: (042) 942 0560  EU_flag Intl: +353 42 942 0560

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GL3-26 Tracker

The GL3-26 is an advanced GPS tracker with a 2600mAh 10-14day battery life and a 2G/3G modem.

179.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 258 g


The A20S ia a ready-to-wear GPS watch / tracker, with many useful health and welfare functions.

125.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 240 g


The Prime-ME is a small smooth slim tracker that's ideal for personal use or where space is limited, with a two day battery life.

98.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 135 g

G7-67 Tracker

The G7-67 is an advanced GPS tracker in a waterproof magnetic housing containing a 6700mAh 4-6wks battery life and a 2G/3G modem.

251.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 245 g

Positions - 12 months

A subscription period for any number of position reports for a 12 month period, at time intervals from 1min reporting, plus 30 SMS credits.

120.00 *
1 month(s) = 10.00 €
In stock

Plant Subscription 12 months

Special annual subscription for Plant or Plant Hire for unlimited Position reports, at report intervals from 2 mins, and a restoration to a balance of 50 SMS credits.

95.00 *
1 month(s) = 7.92 €
In stock

Watch Subscription 12 months

Special annual subscription for a GPS Watch, at report intervals from 1 min.

105.00 *
1 month(s) = 8.75 €
In stock

Hard Wiring Kit 1m

A wiring kit to connect to / convert a 8-24Vdc battery input to supply an output voltage of 5Vdc (USB) to power a (USB Mini) GPS tracker.

14.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 41 g

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