Position Credits

Position Credits

Position Credits

Position credits are required to allow the tracker to send position reports. These are available in various bundle quantities as an alternative to Subscriptions. GPS2Find pay monthly SIM rental, data and platform charges for each tracker.

We can only sell position credits for trackers we have sold. If your Reseller is gone, we may be able to transsfer your tracker, so please make contact. Position credit usage depends on the reporting time interval set by the customer 10s - 60m, and the % of time that it's moving, and not sleeping. When sleeping, the tracker reports every 4 hrs (heartbeat) and when powered off stops completely. Battery life and GPS accuracy depends on these factors also.

Customers can set this time interval by sending a command (SMS message) from any of the user interfaces/phone apps.

Position report data (History) is retained for a minimum of 2 years, but probably longer. Users can delete their past position report data (History) from the user interfaces any time.

Different Position credit bundles have different reasonable usage lifespans to make them viable and avoid them lasting forever.

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2,500 Position credits

22.00 € *
In stock

5,000 Position credits

37.00 € / pack(s) *
In stock


10,000 Position credits

61.00 € *
In stock

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