...use Battery Save mode

...use Battery Save mode

...use Battery Save mode



When shipped, devices have their Battery Save mode, also known as Stealth mode, turned off.  This is to avoid confusion because customers need to first become comfortable using their device before trying to use Battery Save mode. When shipped, the "Battery Save On" button is disabled, but would otherwise be next to the Set Motion Alert button. Please contact us when you want it enabled, citing your device ID number.

Do not use Battery Save mode with a wired-in tracker..

The purpose of Battery Save mode is to make the battery last a long time. When a tracker is wired in to an external battery, Battery Save mode should NEVER be deployed because it can lead to contradictory conditions in the tracker's logic. When unconnected to an external battery, Battery Save mode makes the tracker power down completely between position reports. It wakes up, send a position report, then powers down again. If connected to an external battery it cannot power down which causes problems. Use Battery Save mode when the tracker is remote or if it cannot be recharged easily or frequently. In Battery Save mode, both the GPS module and the modem turn off and only turn on again at scheduled wakeup times to send a position report.  This means minimal power consumption (~20uA) also makes the tracker almost impossible to detect with a scanner. When shutting down again, the green modem LED may flash for 2-3 minutes.  Customers need to understand that commands sent to the tracker when in Battery Save mode cannot be delivered or acted on until the tracker next wakes up. When "off the air" in this way, customers can get confused and contact Support unnecessarily.  Patience is required. W

Advantages and disadvantages of Battery Save mode:

Advantages of Battery Save mode are: 1) Battery lasting multiple months; 2) Infrequent recharging of battery; 3) Virtual undetectability of tracker.
Disadvantages are: 1) Alerts (Zone-, Battery-, etc) are delayed by the wake-up time interval chosen; 2) Temporary inability to regain control of device between wake-ups.


To get Battery Save mode enabled:

If you require the battery save mode, please contact us at or Make contact providing your device number and we will enable its Battery Save capability within a short time. An additional button will appear below the Set motion alert button.

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Switching to Battery Save mode:

To turn your device to Battery Save mode, patience is required.  When the "Battery Save On" is pressed a warning message appears to check that it's intentional. To confirm press Yes, to cancel press No.



This message is accompanied by an audible siren warning.  Select the interval between position reports (every 30mins, 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs, 12hrs) and press "Turn my Device off".  This message warns that the ability to change the device in any way is about to be lost until the next wake-up time in x hours.  To proceed press Yes, to cancel press No.  If Yes is pressed, three things happen: 1) the tracker powers off and all LED lights go out after a few minutes; and 2) in the Tracking Panel bottom left corner appears "Battery Save On - 4hrs. and 3) the "Battery Save on" button changes to "Pending Battery Save on".


When the SMS command is delivered to the tracker, it goes into Battery Save mode, with the Blue Battery Save Mode indicator showing and the Next Wakeup Time appears bottom right.

When the Next Wakeup Time arrives, the device awakes to receive any instructions sent to it while it was powered off, and send a position report, updates its next Wakeup time in the bottom right corner, then powers off again.

The Commands menu is disabled while in Battery Save mode. Any attempt to send a command to the device when in Battery Save mode will result in a message that the device must first be taken off Battery Save mode using the Battery Save Off button.

The only command option available is to exit Battery Save mode, after which it becomes possible to send commands again.            

Turning off Battery Save mode:


Turning Battery Save mode on and off uses a SMS credit and some patience. Press the "Battery Save Off" button (above), which results in a warning message advising that when it next wakes, that requires confirmation, then an SMS Send notification. When restored it defaults to 30sec position reporting. Set to a longer interval if 30secs is too short.



To proceed/accept, press "Turn My Device On". After pressing, the Battery Save Off button changes to Pending Battery Save Off with the time at which the change will occur (Next Wakeup).  It is however possible to hasten this by putting the device on charge, which will cause it to wake within minutes.

When out of Battery Save mode, if a position report interval of 30 secs is not appropriate, use the Commands menu to change it to some other value.  This also uses one SMS credit.